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Get double glazing for your existing timber windows


Don't replace your window frames

If you have timber window frames or doors in decent condition, you don't need to replace them to achieve the full benefits of double glazing - simply replace the glass.


Retain the character of your home, at half the price of replacing the window frames.

How it



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Why Choose Us?

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Why choose retrofit over replacement?





Same Look

Not plastic

Why double glaze?

Double Glazing is far superior to single glazing and secondary glazing in many ways.


Reduced Energy Usage Up To 60%

Do the right thing for the planet, and your hip pocket. Use less energy to heat your home in winter and cool in summer. This is particularly important in Melbourne where our temperature varies from season to season.

Silenced Noise Up To 50%

Double glazing is effective at reducing unwanted noise. Reduce the loud traffic, noisy neighbours or irritating barking dogs. Our Hush Glass laminate is industry leading to turn the volume down by over 30% on standard double glazing.

A More Comfortable Home

Single glazed windows are the largest source of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Plus they create uneven temperature distribution throughout the house. Double glazing fixes this. All our units are Argon filled and with the choice of Low/E coating, they insulate better than standard IGUs.

Reduced Condensation

Internal condensation makes your home humid. This is not just uncomfortable, but can be unsafe as it encourages mould and mildew growth. Double glazing drastically reduces the temperatures necessary for condensation to initially form by providing an insulating barrier. 

Increased Security

Double glazing is much harder to break though through than standard glass, and our range comes toughened and thicker than standard glass, along with laminated options.

One Window or One Hundred, we'd love to help you.


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