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Self Install Detailed Guide

This guide will take you through each step of replacing your old inefficient glass with a new double glazing unit.

While most people are not experienced at working with glass, it is not rocket science! A standard wooden window has a 10 mm piece of wood (beading) on the outside to hold the glass in place. This can be easily removed. Then, by sliding a knife around the inside of the frame, the silicone seal is broken and the glass can be removed. Next we clean up the frame, then insert the double glazed unit, checking it fits flat and snugly within the frame. Once you are confident the window sits properly, remove the window, apply silicon to the frame, insert the new double glazed unit, apply silicon around the window then fix a wooden beading to hold the window in place. 

Here is each step in detail.


Removing external beading

The window is normally held in place with a combination of wooden beading and hard sealant. The wooden beading can be removed using a chisel. This should be entered between the beading and the frame NOT between the beading and the glass. Gentle levering will generally get it to come off. It is recommended that you place a putty knife against the window frame to avoid damaging the frame.


Removing the hard sealing

This is normally present at the base of the window and is harder to remove. Generally a hammer and chisel is required. Avoid having the chisel directly touching the glass. Gently tap the chisel between the cement and the frame and lever it out.


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