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How Do I Know If My Double-Glazing Needs Replacing?

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    No such thing exists as a permanently installed window, regardless of the material or construction. Like most things, they have a certain amount of time before they expire. The typical lifespan of a window is anywhere between fifteen and twenty years. Several elements, including the frame, the weather they must survive, and your level of care, determine how long they last.

    Knowing when to get new double-paned windows is important if you have them. You can stop relying on guesswork because there are several important indicators that it's time to start requesting replacement quotes.

    What Is Double Glazing?

    Before discussing the benefits of double glazing, it is necessary to properly understand what it is and how it works. Gaskets separate two panes of glass in double-glazed windows.

    Because there is an additional layer between each pane of glass in double-glazed windows, it is reasonable to assume that they offer twice the insulation of single-glazed windows. After sealing, your new windows will be completely weatherproof and ready to work better in any climate.

    How Can I Know If My Double-Glazing Needs Replacing?

    You Can See Draughts Circling Your Windows

    First and foremost, you should inspect the area around your windows for draughts if you have found that maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home has become more challenging than before. Direct draughts from the windows mean the weather stripping around them has worn down. Signs that the sealants may have begun to wear include draughts emanating from the space between your property's brickwork and windows.

    It might be more economical to replace the windows rather than just the weather seal.

    Cracks And Chips Are Seen In The Window Pane.

    There may be something amiss with your double-glazing windows if they show evident indications of wear and tear, but it's still worth mentioning, especially if the glass itself is broken or chipped. If you'd rather not deal with condensation, draughts, or leaks frequently, then replacing them is your only option.

    Condensation Is A Very Annoying Problem For You

    Condensation is the process by which gas or vapour changes into a liquid, and it's more than just a nuisance. For instance, when the air around a piece of glass drops below its dew point temperature, water vapour condenses into the annoying little droplets of water that we all hate.

    The dew point changes depending on the amount of atmospheric water vapour. Condensation occurs at higher temperatures in humid settings but regardless of atmospheric humidity in colder situations.

    A major problem arises when condensation accumulates in the interstitial space of your windows. A leak has occurred in the seal that holds those two panes of glass together. The gas cavity is thus no longer contained by the two panes.

    It would help if you promptly replaced your double-glazed windows when this occurs.

    Some Water Is Seeping Through Your Windows

    In fact, windows' primary function is to keep the elements outside your home. Because of this, if water is seeping into your home via the window frames, it may indicate an issue with the weather seal. If you know it's not the seal, it could be a clog in the drainage portion.

    Repairing 15–20-year-old or older windows is probably not the most cost-effective option. On the contrary, you should get new ones.

    Your Energy Bills Have Been Increasing

    Utility bill increases are another, more noticeable indicator of double-glazing issues. If you see that you are using more heaters than usual and that it is affecting your energy bills, you should inspect your windows to determine if this is because of their design to keep warm air in and cold air out.

    Difficulty Using Windows

    Inadequate operation of your double-glazing windows is another more apparent but crucial indicator that it is time to replace them. Windows are engineered to glide open and shut with no effort required. When that stops happening, it becomes a safety concern and a bother. It can be more expensive to replace the windows than to flee the property in a fire or other emergency.

    Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Glass Repair Expert

    Safer Alternative

    Because of its fragility, glass poses a risk if handled carelessly or roughly. Always contact a specialist who works with glass in their field.

    A professional has the training and equipment to handle shattered glass safely, protecting you and your family.


    Fixing shattered glass is just one small part of a glass expert's job. A professional has the education, experience, and tools necessary to do any task involving glass.

    A glass expert can handle any task involving glass, including—but not limited to—fixing mirrors, installing shower screens and balcony railings, and designing glass table tops.

    Operating In An Environment-Friendly Way

    Once discarded, glass can still be recycled and reused in various ways. Large pieces of glass are not easy to dispose of, so professionals in the glass industry meticulously consider them and recycle them optimally.

    Appropriate Tools And Apparatus

    The requirement for specialised tools and equipment when working with glass and the knowledge and experience to use them effectively is a compelling argument in favour of hiring a professional.

    Saviour During Emergencies

    Depend on a professional at all times in the event of an emergency repair. If you ever need someone to talk to in an emergency, he's there 24/7.

    Benefits Of Double Glazing Your Windows

    A More Comfortable Home Year-Round

    Those lovely bay windows and French doors rob your home of much-needed cosiness. Doesle glazing, might you stay cooler in the summer? It's no secret that the additional insulation layer keeps your house warmer in the winter. When it's chilly outside, double-paned windows and doors keep warm air inside, and vice versa when it's hot.

    Less Condensation

    When the air outside your home gets warmer than the air within, condensation forms on the inside of your windows. Due to the reduced temperature difference across the interior pane of a double-paned window, condensation and water spots will be less noticeable.

    Lower Power Bills

    Let the lovely Tauranga sunshine in by drawing back the drapes! Your heater will work less to keep you warm if you install double glazing on your windows and doors. When you get your next energy bill, it will be a nice bonus.

    Keep Your Artwork Crisp

    Even through single panes of glass, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can degrade artwork and photographs displayed on walls. Double-paned windows and doors filter out significantly more ultraviolet light to protect your artwork from fading. By the way, this also applies to your carpets, couches, and chairs.

    A Quieter Indoor Space

    It significantly reduces background noise and enhances the acoustics within their home. In addition to keeping out the cold, double-paned windows also muffle outside noise, making them ideal for homes near busy roads, trains, or loud neighbours.

    Increase The Value Of Your Home

    Warmth and comfort are as important to today's homebuyers as contemporary kitchens and lovely bedrooms. The use of architectural design services before construction or renovation is rising. Double glazing increases a home's resale value, whether you're building from the ground up or renovating an older structure.

    Care Tips For Your Double-Glazed Windows

    Though it describes a popular home improvement product, the term "double-glazed windows" may be unfamiliar to many homeowners. You may already have one of these at home, but you've neglected to give it the attention it deserves. Two panes of glass joined by an airtight seal constitute an airtight window. This gasket prevents air from escaping and serves as a thermal barrier for the window.

    Airtight windows are great, but because of the seal, they can be a pain to clean. Good news: keeping your double-glazed windows clean and in good repair is a breeze with any of the numerous simple methods available.

    Learn How To Clean The Window And Frame 

    repair double glaze windows

    The window and its frame are the first and most obvious problem to solve. You should clean your windows regularly, and this is especially true if you have double-glazed windows. Schedule a window cleaning appointment or session at least once a month for optimal results.

    With this schedule, the window portions can continue to function properly. Also, dust and other particles won't settle onto the window's glass or frames, making future cleaning a breeze. Like cement, which settles with time, dirt is more prone to settle with longer periods between cleanings. Your double-glazed windows will be considerably more difficult to clean in this scenario.

    Follow Proper General Cleaning Advice 

    Your window installer should preferably have some general cleaning instructions that you may follow, regardless of your window size. If you want to keep your windows in the best possible condition and not have to replace them too often, there is a fundamental set of principles that you must follow when cleaning them.

    Here are some general cleaning tips and tricks to get you started:

    • When cleaning your window, use just a gentle cloth;
    • Never use anything other than the cleaning solution suggested by the manufacturer or a gentle soap and water solution;
    • Pay close attention to the after-installation care recommendations;
    • Even on window frames, you shouldn't use steel wool;
    • Avoid getting any cleaning solution or cream on the window frame.

    Dry Your Glazed Windows The Right Way 

    Regarding this fourth piece of advice, your trusty squeegee is more than an accessory. It is imperative that you acquire the knowledge necessary to dry your windows properly after cleaning them with the cleaning solution or with warm soap and water.

    All you need is your squeegee to get the job done—a good, dry, and pristine one. Applying a gentle microfiber cloth to the corners of the frame will remove any leftover soap.

    Never Use A Pressure Washer 

    Even though there are many advantages to owning a pressure washer, you should never use it on your double-glazed windows. The delicate washing it requires is beyond the capabilities of a pressure washer.

    Pressure washers can be effective, but if you're not careful, they can leave unsightly streaks or markings on double-glazed windows. Another possibility is that you'll ruin the seals or adhesives that hold the glass panes to their frames.

    Avoid Slamming Your Windows 

    Be careful not to slam the windows shut; this goes hand in hand with being gentle with your windows. If you value the longevity of your double-glazed windows, this is the most important piece of advice to keep in mind.

    If you have a habit of repeatedly slamming your windows, the sealants can eventually fail. Your window will eventually lose its insulating properties due to this.


    Double-glazed windows usually last between 15 and 20 years, but this depends on things like the frame, the weather, and how well you take care of them. They keep out the weather and offer twice as much protection as single-glazed windows. Drafts, cracks, and chips in the window panes, humidity, water seeping through the windows, and higher energy bills are all signs that double-glazing needs to be replaced.

    Drafts mean that the weather stripping around the windows is worn out, and chips and cracks mean that the weather stripping is worn out too. When a gas or mist turns into a liquid, this is called condensation. It can happen in the space between the windows, which can break the seal that holds the two panes together. It's not the most cost-effective to replace windows that are 15 to 20 years old or older. You should think about getting new ones instead.

    Another clear sign of double-glazing problems is a rise in utility bills. This is because problems with double-glazing can raise energy bills by making heaters less efficient. It is important to look at the windows to see if the way they are designed is causing these problems.

    If they are not used correctly, double-glazing windows can be dangerous and expensive. Because glass is fragile and needs special tools and equipment, it is safer to hire a professional to fix it. They can do many things with glass, like fix broken mirrors, put in shower screens, and build glass table tops. Glass that has been thrown away can also be remade and used in different ways again. 

    More insulation is added by double-glazed windows, which keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They also keep art from fading, lower power bills, and get rid of mist and water spots. Double-paned windows also cut down on background noise and improve the sound inside, which makes them perfect for homes near noisy neighbours or busy roads. 

    In conclusion, double-glazing windows can offer many advantages, such as more warmth, lower energy costs, and a quieter interior. Before making any choices about your home, you should think about the possible benefits of double glazing.

    Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass joined together by a seal that keeps air out. Because of the seal, they can be hard to clean.

    Content Summary

    double glazing upkeep

    • Windows, regardless of their material or design, have a finite lifespan, typically between 15 to 20 years.
    • Identifying when double-glazing needs replacing is crucial for maintaining home comfort and efficiency.
    • Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by gaskets, offering enhanced insulation.
    • Signs that double-glazing needs replacing include noticeable draughts around windows, indicating worn weather stripping.
    • Cracks or chips in the window pane compromise the window's integrity and can lead to leaks and draughts.
    • Condensation between the panes signals a seal failure, necessitating window replacement.
    • Water seepage through windows suggests issues with the weather seal or drainage, pointing towards replacement.
    • Increasing energy bills can be a symptom of failing double-glazing, as poor insulation requires more heating.
    • Difficulty opening or closing windows indicates operational issues, making replacement often more cost-effective than repair.
    • Hiring a glass repair expert offers a safer alternative due to the risks associated with handling glass.
    • Professionals have the necessary tools and experience to manage various glass-related tasks efficiently.
    • Glass experts ensure environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of old glass materials.
    • In emergencies, professionals provide immediate and reliable repair services.
    • Double-glazing enhances home comfort by maintaining consistent indoor temperatures and reducing draughts.
    • It significantly reduces condensation by minimising temperature differences between inside and outside panes.
    • Lower power bills result from improved insulation, reducing the need for heating and cooling.
    • Double-glazing protects artwork and furnishings from UV damage, preserving their colour and condition.
    • It creates a quieter indoor environment by dampening external noise.
    • Adding double-glazing increases a home's market value by improving energy efficiency and comfort.
    • Cleaning double-glazed windows regularly prevents dirt buildup and maintains their functionality.
    • Gentle cleaning methods and proper drying techniques are essential for preserving double-glazing's integrity.
    • Avoid using pressure washers on double-glazed windows to prevent damage to seals and glass.
    • Slamming windows can weaken seals over time, impacting the window's insulative properties.
    • Regular maintenance and careful handling extend the life of double-glazed windows and ensure optimal performance.
    • Inspecting window frames for damage and ensuring proper sealing helps maintain the window's condition.
    • Measuring windows accurately is crucial for secondary glazing or retrofit double-glazing installations.
    • Choosing the right materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, or glass, affects the window's functionality and longevity.
    • Glass offers the best thermal insulation but requires careful handling due to its fragility.
    • Secondary glazing is a cost-effective solution for enhancing insulation without replacing the entire window unit.
    • Retrofit double-glazing involves replacing old panes with pre-made units for better insulation and ease of installation.
    • Proper installation techniques vary between secondary glazing and retrofit double-glazing, requiring professional expertise.
    • Keeping double-glazed windows clean ensures they continue to provide effective insulation and clear visibility.
    • Following the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations helps avoid damage to the windows and frames.
    • Drying windows with a squeegee prevents streaks and ensures a clean finish.
    • Gentle treatment and avoiding harsh chemicals protect the window's seals and finish.
    • Periodic checks for draughts, condensation, and operational issues can help identify when replacement is necessary.
    • A professional assessment can determine whether repair or full replacement is the most cost-effective solution.
    • Double-glazing offers a sustainable way to improve home energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
    • Awareness of the signs of failing double-glazing allows homeowners to address issues before they worsen.
    • The benefits of double-glazing extend beyond energy savings to include enhanced home security and comfort.
    • Consulting with glass repair experts ensures that window replacements or repairs are performed safely and effectively.
    • Double-glazing contributes to a healthier indoor environment by reducing condensation and mould growth potential.
    • Choosing high-quality double-glazing products and installation services maximises the return on investment.
    • Regular maintenance routines support the longevity and performance of double-glazed windows.
    • Upgrading to double-glazing is a wise investment for homeowners seeking to improve their property's value and comfort.
    • Recognising when to replace double-glazing helps maintain the home's aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.
    • Energy efficiency improvements from double-glazing translate to cost savings and environmental benefits over time.
    • Properly functioning double-glazed windows are essential for emergency situations, providing easy operation and escape routes.
    • The decision to repair or replace double-glazing should consider the windows' age, condition, and performance issues.
    • Investing in quality double-glazing and professional installation ensures a comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Comparing your current energy bills to previous years can help identify any significant increases that may be attributed to the decreased efficiency of failing double-glazing.

    If you notice a significant increase in noise levels from outside, it could be a sign that your double-glazing is no longer effectively blocking out sound, which may necessitate replacement for improved acoustic insulation.

    Minor issues, such as small cracks or damaged seals, can sometimes be repaired rather than replaced. However, extensive damage or deterioration may require full replacement to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

    Yes, it is recommended that you consult a professional window installer or contractor to accurately assess the condition of your double-glazing and recommend the most appropriate course of action, whether that be repair or replacement.

    Yes, replacing failing double-glazing can improve energy efficiency, enhance comfort and security, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the value of your home in the long term, making it a worthwhile investment in your property.