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About Us

Saving The World One Window At a Time

For over 10 years we have been helping Melbourne homes be more healthy and comfortable, while doing our part to combat climate change, through access to affordable double glazing solutions. 

Our Story

DIY Double Glaze was started by Alan Cuthbertson in 2011, with the aim of empowering everyday people to make a difference to climate change by increasing the energy efficiency of their home.

Since then, the business has grown into a team of six people who live and breathe double glazing for all of it's benefits. Our values are

Quality and Affordability 

There's no point in buying it twice, and there's no point in buying things you don't need. We install high-quality Australian made IGUs from Australias largest glass processor.


Your Specific Solution; Simple

We have glass solutions for every problem, but we keep it simple and talk in plain english. Insulated Glass Units are high tech and millimeter perfect, and we love simplifying them.

Integrity above all else 

We are locals who are passionate about doing it right and have grown by achieving the highest customer satisfaction.

Meet The Team


10/1B Matissi St, Thornbury

1300 234 934

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