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10 years ago I started DIY Double Glaze after working to replace the windows in my house. At the time I worked around 2 days a week. Since then the business has steadily grown and has now reached the point where it it too much work for one person, especially one who is getting to the age where retirement is beckoning.

I am therefore looking for potentially two people to join me.

The first is that of installer. Ideally someone with some experience would be useful, but provided they have some woodworking skills, I can teach them the rest. Initially the person would be working with me to learn how it is done with the aim of taking over full management of installations. At that stage I would look at employing a second installer.

The second job is that of salesman. Again experience would be useful, but I can teach you the technical details. While experience in sales would be useful, I am not looking for a high pressure salesman. I have always said that I do not sell double glazing, I supply double glazing to those who want it. So honesty and integrity is more important, even if it loses sales. I have never tried to grow the business, it has just grown of its own accord. However there is now the opportunity to do some advertising as there are still a lot of people who have never heard of us.

While salary is important, I am yet to determine how much the pay would be or the terms of employment. It is possible that I can provide an annual salary, but I would prefer to operate on an hourly rate as that aligns better with my business model. There are jobs that would pay more, but there is compensation in having a low pressure job where you meet interesting people and do good for the world. I have operated the business on integrity and accomodating the clients need. When things go wrong, my aim is to resolve the problems to the customers full satisfaction. Any one joining the organisation would need to have a similar ethos. Of equal importamce is the ability to communicate clearly with customers

If you are interested, please email me details about yourself
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